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At S&S Home Health, our sole mission is helping you to maintain the highest quality of life possible. For that reason, we offer an impressive array of specialized products and personalized medical services designed to maximize and your health potential and maintain your desired lifestyle.

Service, satisfaction and savings. Okay, that’s one “s” too many (you caught us) but all three still apply — just ask any of our loyal customers.

The actual origin of the “S&S” name begins as far back as the early 1900’s. While the exact date of the pharmacy’s opening is one of contentious local debate, prescription records exist dating all the way back to 1905! Back then Dr. Daniel S. O’Brien, a local philanthropist and the original owner, operated the pharmacy as the (you guessed it) O’Brien Pharmacy.

In 1929 Paul Schultz, a 15-year employee of O’Brien Pharmacy, purchased the business from Dr. O’Brien and renamed it Schultz Drug.

Five years later, in 1934, Lloyd Shurdeen formed a partnership with Schultz to create the Schultz and Shurdeen Drug Company, thus adding the second “s” and officially creating the S&S Drug Company. In 1957, Dean Stratton purchased Schultz’s half of the business, thus allowing Stratton and Shurdeen to retain the S&S name. Following Shurdeen’s retirement, Stratton remained sole owner and proprietor of S&S until 1959 when Joe Evans bought a controlling interest from him. However, by this time, S&S Drug had become a local icon and Evans chose to retain the name.

Joe Evans remained sole owner until 1974 when Max Heidrick and Dan Vossman began a gradual buyout of S&S Drug. Heidrick and Vossman completed the purchase in 1984. Two years later when Vossman relocated, Max and his wife Michele purchased his half of the business and have been joint owners since 1986.

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