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At S&S Home Health, our sole mission is helping you to maintain the highest quality of life possible. For that reason, we offer an impressive array of specialized products and personalized medical services designed to maximize and your health potential and maintain your desired lifestyle.

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Combination oral/nasal mask    1 per 3 months
Oral cushion for combination oral/nasal mask replacement    2 per month
Nasal pillows for combination oral/nasal mask replacement    2 per month
Full Face Mask    1 per 3 months
Face bask interface replacement    1 per 3 months
Cushion for use on nasal mask interface replacement    2 per month
Pillow for use on nasal cannula type interface replacement    2 pairs per month
Mast interface - mask or cannula    1 per 3 months
Head gear    1 per 6 months
Chin Strap    1 per 6 months
Tubing    1 per 3 months
Filter - disposable    2 per month
Filter - non-disposable    1 per 6 months
Humidifier chamber    1 per 6 months
CPAP    Once every 5 years
Healthcare Quality Association on Accreditation