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113 S. Mill Street • 785-738-2287

113 S. Mill Street • 785-738-2287

At S&S Home Health, our sole mission is helping you to maintain the highest quality of life possible. For that reason, we offer an impressive array of specialized products and personalized medical services designed to maximize and your health potential and maintain your desired lifestyle.


S&S Drug: Show you care. Be aware.S&S Drug’s certified breast prosthesis fitter possesses more than 35 years of experience helping cancer patients heal their body, mind and spirit.

Our large selection of mastectomy products include many of the most popular lines, such as Amoena, Jodee, Nearly Me and many more. Finally, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all of our mastectomy patients for any product purchased.

We offer a variety of silicone forms to fit shallow, average and full figures, all featuring a variety of options such as:

  • Climate cooling forms that provide relief for patients experiencing heat and perspiration problems;
  • Contact forms that adhere directly to the skin surface allowing full movement with the body;
  • Individual forms that adapt to the unique contours of specific areas of the body, including uneven chest walls; 
  • Equalizing forms that help balance uneven breast size for mastectomy and non-mastectomy patients alike; and
  • FIBER FILL FORMS meant to help you rest at the end of the day, as well as forms for smaller-breasted women not requiring weighted forms.

S&S Home Health also stocks a large variety of specialized bras ranging in size from 28 to 50 and featuring a multitude of different styles and options such as front hook bras, sports bras, posture bras and elegant bras, as well as swimsuits up to size 26 — all with mix-and-match tops and bottoms with shelf liners to hold prostheses.

We also stock a vast array of hats and wraps in a range of different styles and colors.

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