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110 S. Mill Street • 785-738-2285

110 S. Mill Street • 785-738-2285

Our Pharmacy also carries a wide variety of gifts, cards, candy, and other great products that make it easy for you to find something for yourself or someone special in your life.

  • Greeting card display inside a store

Gift Lines


Cards for every occasion, gift wrap, keepsakes, special collections, gift books and more.


The finest collection of
soft toys in the world.

Russell Stover Candies

Russell Stover Candies use only the finest ingredients, such as real fruit, butter, and sweet cream. The result is a fine chocolate - proudly and entirely made in America.

Trapp Private Gardens

A bottle of perfume in every candle.

Kristine Accessories

Accessorize your wardrobe with the latest fashions. Wallets, jewelry and keychains from Kristine Accessories.


Jim Shore creates the artful, intricate detail, saturated color, and innovative elements which made these designs so distinctively special.

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