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S&S Pharmacy connects you with licensed pharmacists who live in the communities they serve. Our professional and friendly staff can answer any questions you have concerning prescriptions, over-the-counter products and many home health products and services. Please feel free to browse our site or visit us at either of our two Beloit, Kansas locations.


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E-Scribe is a system which uses paperless prescriptions that allow S&S pharmacists to process patient prescriptions electronically. With your consent, our pharmacists have access to your prescription benefits and history, which allows us to process and route prescriptions from your doctor to the pharmacy location of your choosing. This system also allows our pharmacists to automatically submit refill requests to the prescribing physicians, streamlining the entire prescription process to make it faster and easier for you.

S&S Drug processes all patient and prescription information via the Surescripts network, the largest electronic prescription network in the United States. Tens of thousands of physicians, pharmacists and patients use this vast network everyday to securely process electronic prescriptions and refills, as well as share vital patient prescription information to expedite the speed and increase the safety and accuracy of prescription processing.

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