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Products for Daily Living Aide

dailylivingS&S Home Health carries many products designed to help restore your independence and maximize your quality of life.

Available products include:

  • Sock aids and shoehorns to assist you with putting on and removing socks and shoes;
  • Dress sticks, pull-up pants and pullover shirts, as well as button and zipper pulls to simplify your dressing routine;
  • Extendable reachers to grab objects from high shelves without straining or pick up items off the floor without having to bend over;
  • Weighted, moldable utensils to provide many options to assist with specialized feeding needs;
  • Magnifying glasses and other personal magnification tools to allow you to read fine print and work with smaller objects;
  • Bottle and can openers for effortless opening food and medicines; 
  • Specialized telephones featuring extra loud rings and large, easy-to-read buttons; and
  • A variety of scales with many different features including large dial/display, speaking/voice and digital scales to weigh yourself easily and accurately.

…and many others for just about any need in your daily life.

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