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At S&S Drug we follow the simple philosophy that well-informed customers make smarter decisions, smarter decisions lead to healthier choices and healthier choices lead to happier lives.

The following links contain a wealth of supplemental information, all provided as a service to our valued customers.

Pharmacy Links
Drug Information Online -
KU School of Pharmacy -
National Community Pharmacists Association -
Kansas Pharmacists Association -
Kansas State Board of Pharmacy -

Medicare Links
Medicare -
Social Security -
Benefits CheckUp -

PLEASE NOTICE that the links listed herein are for informational purposes only.

None of the sites listed herein are under the direct or indirect control of S&S Drug. S&S Drug makes no representation concerning the content of the sites listed herein. The choice of S&S Drug to list these sites does not serve as an endorsement of any kind by S&S Drug of any of the sites listed herein. S&S Drug provides this list only as a convenience to customers. Additionally, S&S Drug has not tested any software and/or application(s) found on the sites listed herein and does not make any representations regarding the quality, safety or suitability of any software and/or application(s) found therein

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