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Medicare Eligibility Requirements for Lift Chairs

A physician’s prescription for a lift chair is required before any paper work may be submitted to check on coverage provided.

Your physician is required to fill out a Certified Medical Necessity (CMN) form, which contains questions regarding much of the information listed below.

A lift chair is covered only if all of the following criteria are met:

  1. The patient has severe arthritis of the hip and/or knee and/or suffers from a severe neuromuscular disease.
  2. The lift chair mechanism is part of your physician’s course of treatment and prescribed to affect improvement or arrest and/or retard deterioration in the patient’s condition.
  3. The patient is completely incapable of standing up from a sitting position in a regular armchair or in any chair located within their home.
  4. Once standing, the patient must have the ability to ambulate.
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